Children and Young Adults

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Writing For Children and Young Adults:


I love writing for children and Young Adults. Below you'll find information about a story I am currently working on.

Shattered tells the story of Danny Storm and his elite team of operatives as they try to track down criminal scientist Absalom Kane whose latest weapon might well ensure that earth will never be the same again...

Danny staggered backwards towards the opening in Big Ben's clock face, still holding The Key.

“What’s happened, Absalom? What does it mean?” The machine clicked and whirred. The display now showed red numbers. It was a countdown.


“Is it some kind of a bomb? Absalom, answer me!”


“It’s worse than a bomb!” cried Absalom, his eyes fixated on The Key with a mixture of fear and revelry.


“What is it? What’s going to happen?”


“Goodbye, Danny, it’s a shame it had to end this way. I really do enjoy our game of cat and mouse.”


“What do you mean?” Danny stood on the edge of the opening, ready to throw The Key as far away as he could.


“Yes! That’s right, Danny. Throw the bomb out the window, and let’s see what happens when it lands, shall we?” Danny held onto The Key and didn’t let it drop. Absalom moved in closer. “I guess this time, you’re the mouse. And I’m the cat!”


Absalom gave Danny a nod of the head, before he planted a powerful kick in his stomach.


One second Danny was on the ledge of the opening.


The next, he was falling...


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